Why bread?

Perhaps quite often each of us asks us why a particular company is engaged in this or that industry. How to determine if you are doing something useful? Are your efforts not in vain? “Chernivtsi khlibokombinat” has an obvious answer to these questions! Our wisdom, experience and skill in bread baking laid the foundation of the traditions that have been appealing to the inhabitants of Bukovyna for 60 years! An ancient recipe for making bread is a guarantee of the high quality and taste properties of our products. Evidence of this is the ever-increasing demand and numerous positive feedback from our customers! Nevertheless, it is not just the fact that people choose the product “Tsar Khlib” by its taste, but also the customers are guided by their emotions and memories of the smell and warmth, and tender grandmother’s hands, who made bread every day. There was nothing tasty in the world than the hot crust of the newly sliced ​​bread made in the oven! We inherit and restore the ancient traditions of bread baking, supplement the old recipes with the latest baking technologies and obtain the bread in which we have put our souls and hearts!

  • More than 60 years on the market
  • More than 500 employees
  • 50 “Tsar Khlib” outlets
  • 1500 outlets daily receive products from “Chernivtsi khlibokombinat”

All products are made according to the requirements of the current normative documentation without preservatives, dyes, artificial impurities and leavens.

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