PrJSC “TEREMNO KHLIB” has developed for more than 30 years on the Ukrainian market of bakery products. Of the typical bakery projects of this sample, it is one of the best in the country.

The assortment of TM “TEREMNO KHLIB” has more than 140 items. Most bakery products are made according to the recipes that are developed by technologists of the enterprise. The company is continuously exploring the possibility of expanding the range of products, striving to give the Ukrainian consumer a wide range of tasty high-quality bakery products. Specialists work daily to create positive impressions from the product’s taste and numerous national and regional awards acknowledge their work.

Primarily, the high quality of products is achieved due to the use of only natural raw materials. In addition, there is ongoing monitoring and audit of the production process itself. Here, technology and equipment play important role, which are used by highly skilled employees (more than 500 people) to produce the products.

From the very beginning of its activity, PrJSC “TEREMNO KHLIB” plays a leading role in number and quality of investment in the enterprise development among the regional bread-baking companies.

The company’s development strategy is the selection and installation of up-to-date equipment from leading world manufacturers, which guarantees high quality products.

In the mid-2013, PrJSC “TEREMNO KHLIB” introduced a new corporate brand, which became a reflection of the enterprise development. The company becomes younger, more dynamic and open. The new image of the brand “TERMNO” is characterized as modern, bright and attractive. The traditional rigorous style of the logo has become more open and light. The logo contains the image of the house, as a symbol of family, warmth, hospitality and prosperity. However, the main priorities of PrJSC “TEREMNO KHLIB” remain unchanged: respect for Ukrainian traditions, high quality of products and their naturalness, responsibility towards its consumers and constant desire for improvement.

Today, PrJSC “TEREMNO KHLIB” is a current leader on the market of high-quality bakery products.

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