Khlibni investyciyi

is one of the leaders of bakery enterprises.

The history of development has more than 10 years of work in the bread market.


Our company is a leader that incorporates six bread-baking plants on the production of bakery products in the Ukrainian market. Our specialization is getting quality products as a result of consistent and complex work.

The work of the holding is based on the concept of state policy in the field of healthy nutrition of the population of Ukraine, namely the provision of the human body with valuable proteins and all the necessary micro elements, vitamins and minerals.

The holding includes the following bread – making plants in Ukraine:

  1. «Chanta Mount» LLC.
  2. «Ivano-Frankivskyi khlibokombinat» PJSC.
  3. «Pershyi stolychnyi khlibzavod » LLC.
  4. «Chernivetskyi khlibokombinat» PJSC.
  5. «Berdychivskyi khlibzavod» LLC.
  6. «Teremno khlib» PrJSC.


Our main mission is to provide every city in Ukraine with a quality product. Therefore, for the production of our bakery products, we use exclusively first-rate raw materials, as well as specialized import equipment. Why do we consider ourselves to be true bread producers? The proof of this is the numerous awards and prizes that our product receives.

Holding Bread Investments is a company with many years of experience, constantly exploring the needs of the food market of the country and choosing a favorable course for its further development.



The holding cooperates with qualified specialists in any area of product manufacturing. The company is aimed at long-term cooperation with clients. We value and respect work of everyone.

Bread investments are always open to new prospects. The holding applies exclusively new and modern production technologies (new matrixes, forms, equipment, etc.).

The company has kept its traditions for 10 years. During this time our bread is an indispensable product of everyday life and holidays of the inhabitants of all Ukraine.
During the years of its existence, the holding has gone a long way in organizing plants from a small institution to a full-fledged plant with professional foreign and domestic equipment for the manufacture and packaging of the product, as well as with a modern vehicle fleet.
The holding systematically takes measures on updating and modernizing both equipment and assortment of goods with improvement of consumer properties of a product.

Today, bread made by our partners is consumed by more than 6 million Ukrainians every day.

  • 1994 р.
  • - In Khmelnytskyi, “Zahrava Expo” LLC was founded, it produced flour on a give-and-take basis and was engaged in delivery to pasta and bakery enterprises.
  • 1998 р.
  • At the exchange market in Ivano-Frankivsk, 20% of the shares of Ivano-Frankivsk Khlibokombinat were bought. The remaining shares were bought in addition from the labor collective. The enterprise was in rather unsatisfactory conditions. Today it is one of the best enterprises of the region.
  • 1999 р.
  • At the auction in Lutsk 10% of the shares of the OJSC “KHLIB” was purchased, the remaining shares were additionally bought from the labor collective.
  • 2000 р.
  • Shares of Bilohirsk bakery were purchased from the management and labor collective with a mill complex.
  • 2001 р.
  • The office of “Zahrava Expo” LLC moved to Kiev in order to increase its capabilities.
  • 2002 р.
  • “Khlibni investyciyi” LLC acquired 62.3% of the shares of the Berdychiv bakery plant from “Forum” JSCB.
  • 2003 р.
  • February 26, 2003 “Khlibni investyciyi” LLC was founded, which included all assets of “Zahrava Expo” LLC
  • 2003 р.
  • 52.43% of the shares of Chernivetskyi khlibokombinat were purchased at “TNT” LLC.
  • 2003 р.
  • “Khlibni investyciyi” rented the property complex “Sevastopolʹsʹkyy khlibokombinat”. During this rent about 50 million hryvnias were invested in development and improvement of the plant. Tryndiuk Yu.H. became the President of the company.
  • 2007 р.
  • The company bought an inoperative plant in Novi Petrivtsi, Kyiv region, from “Regional consumer's association”. And it built a new plant with a capacity of 150 tons per day. In April 2012, a new bakery plant “First Capital Bakery Plant” LLC was opened .
  • 2008 р.
  • “Khlibni investyciyi” LLC was transformed into “Holding company “Khlibni investyciyi”” OJSC.
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