Work with us

  • 1 Order the attendance of the manager
  • The manager attends with copies of our products at a time convenient for you
  • 2 Sign the contract
  • After the agreement of all items of the contract, on favorable conditions for you
  • 3 Draw up the first application
  • Starting from the date of signing the contract, you will be able to order the first batch of products

Required documents:

  • A certificate or an extract about the official registration;
  • A certificate or an excerpt of the taxpayer;
  • Passport and identification code;

How to order?

  • File an application at the call center from 9:00 to 20:00;
  • Agree on the delivery schedule;
  • Receive the products;

Payment terms:

  • Payment upon receipt;
  • Payment delay;
  • No subscriptions;

Delivery terms:

  • Own vehicle fleet;
  • Delivery is free and round the clock;
  • Coordinated schedule and delivery route;
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«Teremno Khlib» PRJSC

«Berdychivskyi Khlibzavod» LLC

«Chernivetskyi Khlibokombinat» PJSC

«Pershyi Stolychnyi Khlibzavod » LLC

«Ivano-Frankivskyi Khlibokombinat» PJSC

«Chanta Mount» LLC

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