“Berdychivskyi khlib” produces about 40 tons of bakery products and is the main representative of goods in the city, region and Oblast.

In 2005, the bread-baking complex launched a new mechanized production line of bread products and wheat bread. Brands of production line equipment are Revent (tunnel oven), Glimek (dough divider) and Diosna (dough mixer). The total line capacity constituted 18 tons per day.

The line for the production of small products was put into operation in 2006. Its capacity was 1.5 tons. Equipment – rotating oven “Revent”.

The bread production line was launched in 2007. Equipment – tunnel oven “Gostol” with a capacity of 28 tons per day.

In 2008, the bread-baking complex has increased the production capacity of small bread products with an increase of 1.5 tons a day.

A new production line of bakery products (long loafs, etc.) was put into operation in March 2009. Its equipment – Revent (tunnel oven), Werner (dough divider) and Diosna (dough mixer). Due to this, it was possible to reach capacity of 26 tons per day.

Steam generators and a new boiler house were installed in early 2010. This allowed the production of LLC “Berdychivskyi khlib” to reduce gas consumption by 30%.

In 2011, the plant planned and carried out major overhaul of production and warehouse premises. In addition, one flour truck and other cars were purchased for the bread delivery.

The company is always looking for new prospects for the development and improvement of its own production.

The bread-baking complex produces baked goods in packed form (in packages, in propylene or polyethylene film). The company has installed special machines for the packaging of the product, both automatic and semi-automatic. Sliced ​​bakery products are also produced, for which the import divider machines are installed on the plots.

Times are changing, technologies are developing, but the taste of genuine Ukrainian bread remains unsurpassed.

Remember, bread is the staff of life! The benefit you receive from it is irreplaceable for your health. Consume it daily, and we will make sure that you will receive the best royal bread every day.

Bon appetit! “Tsar Khlib”

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