“Pershyi stolychnyi khlibzavod” LLC was created on December 04 in the village of Vyshhorod region, Kyiv Oblast, and started operation the same year.

Due to the close and coherent work of all project participants, major repairs and preparatory work were carried out as soon as possible.
“Pershyi stolychnyi khlibozavod” LLC is designed for the production of bread, 130 tons per day.

The company is constantly improving its own production and striving for new achievements in the manufacture of bakery products.

Company links are equipped with devices from such well-known German brands as Diosna, Slovenian Gostol, imported Revent, American F&S, as well as from the leading Ukrainian company Krajany.

The plant’s products come to the retail outlets in two versions: packed, and fresh. Delivery of goods is carried out by specialized own vehicles.

“Pershyi stolychnyi khlibzavod” LLC is the first and only plant, the plan and development of which is feasible according to the latest requirements of the bakery industry.

“Khlibni investytsii” holding planned to take up to 8% of the bread market of the whole country by launching this new plant.


On August 2010, the company introduced a manufacture line of bakery products, the capacity of which was 5 tons per day. The equipment for the product manufacture was as follows: rotational Swedish ovens “Revent”, Russian dough separation device “Skhid”, and panning device made by the Ukrainian manufacturer “Akros”.

In 2013, the launch of a new production line of bakery products was carried out, namely “Nyva” long loaf and “Rodynnyi” bread product. The amount of finished products reaches 28 tons per day. This production branch was equipped from well-known German, Czech, Ukrainian manufacturers. The cost of such equipment was 1 million euros. The industrial complex has four lines of such production.

In addition, a new production line of sourdough bread was put in operation, such as “Borodynskyi” bread. Its capacity accounted for about 6 tons of product per day. The production line was equipped by a foreign brand “Revent”.

Moreover, a shop was opened for the manufacture of small bakery products. The production capacity constitutes 8 tons of goods per day.

A new line of rye bread production was launched. The production line was equipped by a Slovenian brand “Gostol”. The tensile-testing machine made by the German company “HARTMANN” was installed in the production line, worth 300 thousand euros. The total cost of such production was 1 million euros.

Future plans

The number of all investments amounted to 15 million US dollars. Using these funds, the plant has planned the development of its own production.

Within the framework of the second investment stage, it is planned to open a shop for the manufacture of confectionery products.

According to the development plan, the bread-baking complex will receive new equipment annually.

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